Prof. Marco Marinelli (Director)

Full Professor of Physics at Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Rome "Tor Vergata". 

Dr. Pasquale Gaudio

Researcher at Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Rome Tor Vergata, expert of laser and laser diagnostics and Leader of Laboratory of Quantum Electronics and Plasma Physics.

Dr. Michela Gelfusa

Researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata. Main field of interest: diagnostics for thermonuclear reactors.

Dr. Antonino Pietropaolo

Researcher at the ENEA Department of Fusion and Technology for Nuclear Safety and Security. Main field of interest: development of neutron detectors, neutron instrumentation at large scale facilities, neutron spectroscopy.




Colomba Russo

Master Degree in International Relations at the University of Naples l'Orientale in 2008 and laterattended the Master's Degree in International and Local Development, at the business school STOA'. From 2013 she is responsible of the Secretariat International Master Courses in Protection against CBRNe events.