The candidates who have been admitted to the course must register by 16/01/2017.


To register go to the registration site. As for the application procedure, also the registration consists of two steps: a) fill-out the registration form; and b) authenticate the registration form.


a) To fill-out the registration form, click on the link



-  Select  Facoltà di Ingegneria

- Select 1) HO SUPERATO LA PROVA DI AMMISSIONE/SOSTENUTO IL TEST DI VALUTAZIONE/SONO IN POSSESSO DEI REQUISITI CURRICULARI E DESIDERO IMMATRICOLARMI (I passed the admission test / the evaluation test / I have the curricular requirements and I want to register).


Fill in your personal details.


Select the Master Course of interest.


Fill in the registration form with all data required.


Once the registration form is completed, an invoice will be generated automatically by the system. In the invoice, the CTRL code will be indicated. Please, take note of this CTRL code.


All fees shall be paid by bank transfer or online by credit card on the website of “UniCredit Banca di Roma” at the following link, inserting the CTRL code reported on the invoice.


The first step of the registration is now completed. A mail from UniCredit Bank will confirm that the payment for the University has been successfully received.


You need now to authenticate your registration.


b) To authenticate your registration you need to  go back to the registration site.


- Select CONVALIDA DOMANDA (SEI IN POSSESSO DEI CODICI CTRL E AUTH) (Validate enrollment form, being in possess of CTRL and AUTH codes)

- Fill the form with the data required and then print the validation of your payment (CONVALIDA DI PAGAMENTO, Payment Validation)


Please, send to the confirmation e-mail from Unicredit Bank or the scan copy of the bank transfer, along with the registration form, compiled and signed in all its parts, and a copy of the payment validation. 


In case you need help...


The full set of instructions is described in the section PROCEDURA  D'IMMATRICOLAZIONE under the file “ISTRUZIONI  PROCEDURE” (in Italian) given at the following web page of the Segreteria Master e Corsi di Perfezionamento. Select Facoltà di Ingegneria – Codice Corso PHR


For further information during the procedure, feel free to contact:

Ms. Valentina Gabbarini or Ms. Colomba Russo

Secretariat of the Master Course in Fusion Energy Science and Engineering



Phone: +39 06 72597201