The application must be submitted through the “on-line” procedure by 23/12/2016 connecting to the University enrolment website. Navigation is performed through the buttons AVANTI (Next) and INDIETRO (Previous).


The application consists of two steps: a) fill-out the application form; and b) authenticate the application form.


a) To fill-out the application form, from the enrolment website click on the link



-  Select  Facoltà di Ingegneria



Next you will be requested to choose between these two options:


- POSTI NON RISERVATI (unreserved positions). This option applies to students with an Italian fiscal code.

- CITTADINI STRANIERI RESIDENTI ALL'ESTERO SENZA CODICE FISCALE. This option applies to foreign students without an Italian fiscal code


Select the relevant link and insert your personal data (NOME (first name), COGNOME (family name), SESSO (sex), CITTADINANZA (citizenship), DATA DI NASCITA (birth date), PROVINCIA e COMUNE DI NASCITA (place of birth - foreign students should insert EE, country of birth and city of birth), RESIDENZA (residence) and the information in case of disabilities. 


Next you will be requested to insert the data about your university degree. Foreign students should indicate UNIVERSITA' NON DEFINITA (undefined university) for the University where they defended their thesis. Insert in the next two fields the nature of the degree and the scientific area. Then insert the mark (specifying whether it has been obtained cum laude), the maximum achievable mark, the date and the academic year.


At the end of the submission a CTRL code and a form will be generated. Print the form. The form include also an AUTH code.


The first step of the application is now completed. You will receive a confirmation via e-mail with the CTRL code (and a temporary fiscal code for foreign students) which will allow you to enter the system to check the status, modify, print or cancel the application.


You need now to authenticate your application.


b) To authenticate your application with the AUTH code go back to the enrolment site. Click on the following links


- Hai gia' compilato la domanda - convalida domanda (you have already filled up the application - Validate the application)

- Enter the Fiscal Code and the CTRL code.

- Select "Convalida pagamento" (Payment validation). Enter the AUTH code and the date of the payment.


Please, note that you must authenticate even if the payment indicated in the form generated at the end of step a) is €0.00.


After the validation of the application send the following documentation at the e-mail address


·      Curriculum Vitae

·     Self-certification of degree, indicating the vote for each examination and the final vote.


Admission to the Master course is subject to a positive evaluation of the candidate's curriculum by the Master Council.  A maximum of 40 candidates will be admitted: the minimum number below which the Master will not be run is 5 candidates (reduced to 3 if there is sufficient coverage of running costs).


If the number of applicants exceeds the maximum available places, the admission will be based on a ranking decided by the Master Council.  In the event of any candidate turning down, admission of replacement candidate to the Course will be based on ranking position.


The list of candidates admitted to the Master course will be published on this website and on the website on 10/01/2017.


The candidates who have been admitted to the Master course must register by 16/01/2017.