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A Master aimed at preparing highly specialized personnel for industry

The Master is part of the initiatives included in the development of the postgraduate education foreseen in the Road Map to Fusion Electricity” of the European programme “Horizon 2020” with particular reference to those aimed to the formation of scientists and engineers for industry.


The new edition of the Master presents a significant novelty. The PhD students with a Master in Fusion Energy can access directly the second year of the PhD course. A certain number of PhD student positions financed by industries operating in fusion energy will be reserved for those already possessing a Master in Fusion Energy with the PhD work mostly undertaken at the laboratories and plants of the financing industry.


23 January 2017 The updated timetable with the rooms location is now available.

13 January 2017 The list of the students admitted to the Master in Fusion Energy is now available.

23 November 2016 The announcement of the Master in Fusion Energy 2016-17 has been published. Deadline for application is 23 December 2016.

3 November 2016 The renewal of the agreement between ENEA and the Deaprtment of Industrial Engineering for the Master in Fusion Energy has been signed. Announcement of the 2016-17 edition to be published shortly.

25 October 2016 The first four Master students of A.A.  2015-16 defended their thesis and received their diploma of Master in Fusion Energy.

4 July 2016 Walter Tosto punta sui giovani Lectures of the Master in Fusion Energy at the Walter Tosto premises

10 June 2016 Master stage on safety at the STARDUST facility of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

18 March 2016 Fusion in Europe interviews the Coordinator of the Master in Fusion Energy

10 March 2016 Visit of the Master students to the FTU experiment at ENEA Frascati.

26 February 2016 The final versions of the Syllabus and the detaild timetable are now online.

25 February 2016 The list of the students admitted to the Master Course has been published.

5 February 2016 The Master Syllabus is on line with the detailed description of the lecture program for each Module

4 february 2016 Two more PhD fellowships supported by industry have been added to those already committed in December 2015, bringing the total number to six - a clear signal of the interest that the new scheme of the Master is receiving.

21 January 2016 - The Timetable of the Master course is now available here.

13 January 2016 - The applications to the Master course in Fusion Energy are now open! Deadline for the application 18 February 2016. Download the official announcement here.


22 December 2015 - The new scheme of the Master is attracting the interest of Italian industries. Already four PhD fellowship have been made available for the Doctorate linked to the Master in Fusion Energy.